Defining the voice of the food and beverage offer for a charity that enriches the lives of young people.

YHA Icons


The Youth Hostel Association creates lasting memories for young people across the UK. As well as providing affordable accommodation YHA wanted to present a comprehensive food and beverage offer available to a wider customer base. We were asked to look at the tone of voice and design for this particular offer.

YHA Menus
YHA Drinks Blackboard


The visual identity of the offer needed to sit independently to the hostel while still encompassing the YHA brand. A quirky welcoming illustration style was developed to appeal to a family friendly audience and compete with other local operators.

YHA Cafe Open Blackboard
YHA Cake Tags


A cohesive look and feel to the food and beverage offer allowed YHA to increase sales and expand their offer.

YHA Email Banner Animations

We have been working with Add to Taste for over four years. They have always produced amazing work, often on supremely tight timescales. I love their openness to creative discussion, willingness to challenge ideas and unwaveringly personable manner regardless of what we throw at them – never less than an absolute pleasure.

Network Marketing Manager – YHA
YHA Dish of The Day Blackboard

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