Wilton Green

A luxurious brand to reflect a high-end door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning service.


Wilton Green offers an efficient and effortless laundry and dry-cleaning service. They are extremely accommodating to their customers, providing a collect, clean and deliver service for anything from bed linen to a wedding dress. The brand we produced for Wilton Green needed to reflect their smooth, luxurious identity whilst creating a sense of ease and accessibility.


Sophisticated clothing labels paired with a classic serif font inspired the Wilton Green logo. The aim of the web design of Wilton Green was focused on promoting their services. Add to Taste is also responsible for promotional material including direct mail campaigns and advertising.


The Wilton Green brand has gone from strength to strength and continue to gain market share.

We have been using Add to Taste design for getting on 20 years now. For all of that time we have had a fantastic service and working relationship. Add to Taste have never failed to come up with ingenious ideas to make something quite mundane and boring (laundry) seem worth someone’s attention.

Director - Wilton Green

Their design is truly different not only due to the outstanding visuals; but more so for the novel and interesting spin on the content that triggers ones mind to think about the content and take interest that little bit more. We are so grateful to Add to Taste and look forward to many years working together in the future. We cant recommend them enough for any business who wants to stand out in a crowd!

Director - Wilton Green

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