Common Room POS

Common Room

Common Room Designing a new style for a welcoming, informal group of bars. Challenge The Common Room bars carry individual brand names and all have an independent feel. They combine activities such as quizzing and retro gaming with a quality food and drink offer aimed at a mixed customer base with a lean towards the… Read More


YHA Defining the voice of the food and beverage offer for a charity that enriches the lives of young people. Challenge The Youth Hostel Association creates lasting memories for young people across the UK. As well as providing affordable accommodation YHA wanted to present a comprehensive food and beverage offer available to a wider customer… Read More


Bildabet Informing an audience of an innovative approach to the world of betting. Challenge Bildabet focus on improving the betting experience. The betting card is an innovative way to change how users bet, making it digital and easy to see your credit. Add to Taste was asked to create an animation to explain how the… Read More


Salsa A vibrant offer change to illustrate a lively bar and dance club with Latino influences. Challenge We were commissioned by Salsa to create and develop a new offer change for the Latino inspired Salsa club. Strategy The Salsa menus are a blend of rustic textures and warm colours paired with photography that shows a… Read More


Cookie Building a brand to support small businesses with all of their IT needs. Challenge Cookie provides a fully managed IT support service for those businesses who can’t afford their own IT department. The Cookie brand needed to be welcoming and approachable. Strategy We came up with the name Cookie then developed it’s identity with… Read More